Seasonal Strength Training Programs

Our strength training programs are comprehensive and specifically designed for baseball players who are active year-round.  Our 4-phase, or seasonal,  approach will allow you to safely increase your strength while always being 100% recovered by game day.  Each phase is designed around different objectives that successively build on previous phases. 

Here’s a brief overview of what to expect from one of our seasonal strength training programs.

Early preseason, January to February

  • Players are preparing for the season and starting to build up after the layoff.
  • Emphasis is on building foundational strength, muscle endurance, and size (hypertrophy).

Late preseason, March to April

  • Players are working up to the start of the season and pre-season trials are imminent.
  • Emphasis is on building maximum strength and power.
In-season, May to September
  • Competition is underway and players are expected to be fully functional for competition.
  • Maintenance of strength and power is emphasized.
Off season, October to December
  • The season is over; time to relax for a while but you need to keep active.
  • Emphasis is on rest and recovery with maintenance of light activity—cross training, light gym work. Several weeks break from serious strength training is usually worthwhile. As pre-season approaches, more regular gym work can resume.