baseball pitching lessons and analysis

Professional Training Studio

  • 4,500 sqft. padded turf surface

    Low impact cushion simulates the look, feel, and bounce of real world turf surfaces.

  • 2 full batting cages

    2 expandable netted batting cages for multiple simultaneous hitting drill configurations.

  • Pitching, Throwing & Fielding Range

    3 full-size bullpens with mounds, plates, and strike zone targets. Easily converts into open space for fielding drills and target throwing.

strength and recovery workout facility

Strength & Recovery Center

  • Baseball core training gym

    Builds baseball-specific, core body strength and flexibility, during every lesson and workout session.

  • Free weight dumbbells

    An array of free weights and dumbbells allows us to build strength in target areas, safely and with the assistance of a trainer.

  • Flexibility & balance training

    Balance is a key fundamental in nearly every athletic motion you will make on the baseball field.

video and data pitching analysis

Video & Data Analysis

  • Big Screen Video Monitor

    A 50" television monitor allows you to view training performance in real-time, giving you instant feedback.

  • Video Recording System

    iPad camera and tripod system allows us to analyze your motions frame-by-frame, giving you instant feedback and quicker improvements.

  • RapSodo 2.0 Pitching Analyzer

    Get instant data on pitch velocity, spin rate, spin axis, as well as strike zone analysis, horizontal and vertical break, 3D trajectory and more! Track your progress over time with historical and statistical analysis.

lounge area waiting room

Other Amenities

  • Television & Seating Area

    We have a seating area with television for you to relax during your son or daughter's training lesson.

  • Observation Area

    Observe your child's training lessons first-hand from our seated observation area inside the gym.

  • Customer Restroom

    For your added convenience.


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