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Individual instruction on pitching, hitting, and fielding taught by instructors who have had enormous success at very high levels of baseball.
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A progressive training system that builds baseball-specific, core body strength and flexibility, during every lesson and workout session.
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Throughout your instruction the mental aspects of in game pitching and hitting strategy in all situations are blended with teaching techniques.
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We utilize the latest technology including live, on-screen video, as well as RapSodo 2.0 pitching analytics to give you valuable real-time feedback.
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Professional baseball pitching lessons


  • Experienced Staff

    Our instructors have coached or competed at the collegiate or professional levels.

  • Professional Instruction

    Learn the techniques and strategies used at the highest levels of competition.

  • individual Training Assessment

    We assess each student individually to ensure optimum growth potential.


what people are saying about usCustomer Testimonials

  • I can't say enough good things about Mark Michael Baseball School! Mark has worked directly with my son over the past three seasons and has taken his game far beyond anything his coaches and I could do for him. His professional approach to training got my son ready to play high school ball before he even got there. I highly recommend Mark and his team. David McCormick
  • As an assistant youth baseball coach and full-time dad I have little time to expand my skills and keep up with the latest training techniques. Thankfully, my son and I were able to attended Mark's camp this past spring and now we are both on top of our game. My son is teaching me now and its made me a better coach in return.Jay Haskins
  • My son has been working with Mark for over 3 years now and we are very thankful for our relationship . Mark has made himself available when we needed to get in for a lesson , to throw a bullpen or needed a tweak before a game . We feel Mark has put Brayden’s arm first and has not pushed him into throwing hard or breaking balls until he was ready and his mechanics were on point . He has stressed mechanics and has shown Brayden the right things to work on between sessions . We feel Mark communicates with his students in a very professional manner and is always encouraging the kids in a positive tone. We actually sought Mark out after hearing so many positives about his teaching and his Pitching School.Patrick , Andrea and Brayden Strong
  • Mark is an excellent instructor who can connect with and improve pitchers of all ages (little league through college). His knowledge of baseball, implementation of proper arm care techniques and exercises, instruction on correct pitching mechanics, and the execution and repetition of pitching drills reinforces a positive learning environment, which delivers a long-term strategy for player development and maximization of player performance. Mark has helped my son maintain a healthy arm, improve his pitching performance, significantly increase his velocity, and improve in-game situational awareness. My son has been working with Mark for over two years and we are very excited about the results. We highly recommend the Mark Michael Baseball School for Pitching.Matt Craft
  • I have been bringing my son to Mark for 2 years. He is patient and teaches consistently from lesson to lesson. I love that he makes the kids work hard but encourages them throughout the lesson.Jenny Asher
  • My son enjoys coming to Mark Michael Baseball School for both pitching and hitting. Both Mark and Austin have high expectations yet have a good time during their instruction. My son's confidence has continued to improve as well.Erin Heim
  • Mark has been fantastic in my son's development. He focuses on safety first and then development of mechanics. Brady enjoys his lessons with Mark and has been spurred to work on his fitness with Mark's encouragement.Chad Rudzik
  • Mark is a player safety first coach. I love the way he breaks everything down into step by step instruction. We have been with him for 3 years and love the progress my son has made. Hands down Mark is the best there is!Tommy Wilhoite
  • Mark is the epitome of a pitching instructor. He is truly the best of the best and has made tremendous improvements with my son. It doesn't hurt that Jon highly respects and admires Mark. He is a class act.Kristen McCowan
  • Mark Michael Baseball School has been instrumental in improving both our son's pitching and hitting. The instructor's knowledge of the game and positive attitude to the athletes maximizes improvement in the players. I have seen my son's velocity and overall pitching performance improve with instruction from Mark. Austin has made them more effective hitters developing a better batter's eye.Chris Mischel
  • Mark Michael is a very knowledgeable pitching coach/ instructor. His way of teaching really relates to young athletes, and motivates the kids to be the best that they can be. Mark has been a great influence and has really transformed our kids into great pitchers.Elizabeth Mullannix


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